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So, if you are on my web site, you are either familiar with placenta encapsulation and are merely looking for a specialist to help you out OR you just happened to hear about placenta encapsulation San Diego and you are interested in knowing what it is all really about. Whichever you are, I hope to answer your questions and delight you with all the benefits that

Placenta Encapsulation San Diego

can be had from placenta encapsulation. I look forward to helping you create a happier postpartum experience!

Placenta encapsulation is extremely beneficial for a happy postpartum experience. Many of the common complaints after child birth can be addressed by ingesting the placenta pills.

Fatigue – Fatigue is one of the most common complaints of new moms. Traditional Chinese Medicine has used placenta in treatments for fatigue among men, women and children for centuries. Iron deficiency is linked to extreme fatigue and some studies have shown a link to postpartum depression. The placenta is a rich, natural iron store. Placenta encapsulation is an ideal way to replace iron loss from giving birth.

Lactation – The benefits of placenta on breastfeeding are wonderful. Studies have shown that women who have been pre-determined to likely incur issues during Placenta Encapsulation San Diegobreastfeeding show incredible increase in lactation. Imagine how beneficial it could be for a woman with no nursing hindrances? In addition to the possible hormones that help establish and encourage lactation, taking placenta has shown positively to help combat fatigue and postpartum depression, which both can inhibit your ability to successfully breastfeed.

Hormone Replacement -While pregnant, the body, specifically in the placenta, produces high levels of hormones. Once that hormone producing organ is removed, the body essentially has a total lack of hormones until the body recognizes its need to start producing again. It makes sense then by slowly and most importantly, naturally replacing those hormones produced throughout the pregnancy in the placenta by ingesting it, your emotional sense of well being will be maintained as your body realigns itself with its hormonal needs.

Pain Relief – Studies have shown that placenta helps increase the effectiveness ofPlacenta Encapsulation San Diegoopioids (your bodies natural pain relievers). Although the placenta is not able to provide pain relief entirely of its own fruition, I would definitely recommend the use of placenta capsules to coincide with other pain relief medication. It will increase the effectiveness of the opioids and will decrease the quantity needed of other pain relief options.

Are there other options for placenta ingestion? Besides placenta encapsulation, someLyndell Castro - Placenta Encapsulation San Diego Specialist cultures and indeed others in Western culture have been known to create special recipes for their placenta, put it in smoothies, or even eat it raw. While all of these are viable ways to enjoy the benefits of the placenta, their shelf life is extremely limited. Placenta Encapsulation San Diego gives you the flexibility to store your capsules indefinitely, whether you want to save them for menopause or in the event of a stressful situation. Encapsulating your placenta, also allows for discreetly taking the capsules amongst those who wouldn’t “understand” your decision or for traveling.

My personal experience with placenta encapsulation lead me to become a Placenta Encapsulation San Diego Specialist with Placenta Benefits.info. The placenta capsules or my “happy pills”, as I liked to call them, made a huge impact on my postpartum experience. I felt happy, energetic, and quickly healed from the birth of my son. I want to share placenta encapsulation with all expecting moms and I look forward to watching placenta encapsulation in San Diego become a normal occurrence in the birthing community!

Here you will find a lot of resources regarding placenta encapsulation. Feel free to browse around and contact me if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

For more information about the benefits of placenta encapsulation in San Diego, please browse the “Benefits” tab on my site. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Placenta Encapsulation San Diego

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The statements on this websites are informational only have not been verified by the FDA. Please consult your physician before consuming placenta. We provide a placenta encapsulation service only. No statements  constitute medical advice. Thank you for looking into Placenta Encapsulation San Diego.


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