When does the encapsulation process need to begin?

Ideally, it should begin within 24 hours of delivery. However, it can still occur within 72 hours. You may also freeze the placenta to be encapsulated at a later date. Please contact me for more specifics.

When should I talk to you about encapsulating my placenta?

As soon as you are pregnant! If you are giving birth in a hospital, it is especially crucial to start the process of informing your doctor, the hospital and its staff. I will assist you with all of this and will do whatever I can to help you get your placenta released to you.

Can you encapsulate the placenta in MY home?

Yes, absolutely! Many people choose to have the placenta encapsulated in their home. Please contact me for more details.

I am a vegetarian/vegan, isn’t this eating meat?

No. Please remember that this is an organ that YOUR body created to nourish your baby and you. Nothing is being killed to obtain it. I only use vegetarian capsules. However, if the taste of “meat” is what concerns you. I do offer flavored capsules. Please contact me for more information.

What will others say about me ingesting my placenta?

Well, if you are uncomfortable, there is no need to tell them. After the placenta has been encapsulated, it merely looks like you are taking an herbal supplement. Most likely though, you will be so amazed at how you feel that you will want to share the news with anyone and everyone.

What’s the big deal about placenta, does it really work?

YES!! Please see the information under “Benefits”.

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