I adhere to all OSHA guidelines when processing your placenta. All equipment and surfaces are properly sanitized prior to and after the encapsulation.

The process consists of two steps. During the first step, the placenta is prepped, cleaned, steamed, and will start dehydrating. The second step is where I will grind and encapsulate the placenta. The pills will be presented with dosage guidelines and a little keepsake. The entire process is done according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

TCM Placenta Encapsulation: $300 (travel surcharge may be applied, please contact us for accurate pricing for you location) Includes: pick up and delivery, pills, cord keepsake and optional placenta tincture.

Placenta Tincture:┬áThis can be prepared raw (for strongest effect) or with placenta powder (milder, but still effective). Like herbal tinctures, there is a 6 week “steeping” period to reach ultimate potency. This is a great addition for when you run out of pills! Please contact us for more details on this wonderful addition to your encapsulation.





*None of the statements have been verified by the Federal Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Please be advised that Tree of Life Placenta Encapsulation does not make any claims or diagnosis of the medical, pharmaceutical or viability kind. The client is paying us for the preparation and encapsulation process ONLY and not for the sale of pills. It is the responsibility of the consumer to discuss the consumption of placenta with their health care provider and do their own research.

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  1. Erin Najera says:

    I would like to have my placenta encapsulated with baby #2. I will be delivering at Mary birch, when I had my daughter, I asked for my placenta and was never given it. Am I able to get this one from them? No one seems to know what my right are. We will be staying in mission hills for a few days after my birth then Bach home. How soon do you come out to do the encapsulation?
    Thank you in advance for your time. Erin

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