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What to think about BEFORE you get pregnant! Part Deux

  • Posted on February 4, 2013 at 9:48 am

Las time, we were thinking about if you body is in peak condition for conceiving. Read Part 1 here.

Today, I wanted to talk about another aspect I think it is important to think about before you even get pregnant.

2. What kind of birth do I intend to have?

You may feel like this is putting the cart before the horse, so to speak, but really there is sooooo much information out there. So many different types of births, different health care providers, different locations to deliver etc. Here is an overview of some of the options.

Hospital/Obstetrician – This, of course, is your typical care that is received in the United States. You go to your OBGYN, deliver at a hospital etc. Choosing this can vary from OB to OB, from hospital to hospital. If you are high risk, you will most likely choose this route.

You will have standard pregnancy care, you will receive a bunch of routine tests (some you can refuse) and you will deliver at a hospital with all the emergency care and interventions you may (or may not) desire. You will most likely not be free to move around, will likely be tied down with an IV and won’t be allowed to eat or drink. Nurses will be coming and going, in and out of your room. You will wear a lovely gown that makes you look like a hot air balloon. And don’t even get me started on the postpartum part! I couldn’t get out of that hospital fast enough after my oldest was born.

If you choose this route, please research your doctor and hospitals C-section rates. Ask them (and yourself) how they feel about routine interventions and drugs, ask about positions you can deliver in, and how baby will be treated after delivery.

Hospital/Midwife Care – Similar to regular OB care, though generally midwives in hospitals are more encouraging and open to natural birthing, changing positions, water birth etc. Midwives also tend to spend more time with their clients and are less apt to medicate or do invasive procedures.

Birth Center – Delivering at a freestanding birth center, is much more relaxed than a hospital setting. You receive the same, wonderful midwife care and most birth centers are set up to feel comfy and inviting. Much like being at home. This can be a good option if you really want a natural birth and a comfortable setting, but aren’t really sure about homebirth.

Homebirth – Well, I have to admit, this is my favored way. I am planning my second home birth for late spring and I couldn’t be more excited! After one hospital birth and one homebirth under my belt, I would never willingly choose anything other than homebirth. In this scenario, you are at home. The place where you feel most comfortable, most at ease. You can eat, drink, and move around at will. Your midwives will come to you. You can have as few or as many people as you want. You can light candles, play music, deliver in the shower, tub, in bed….anything you want. The midwifery model of care is superior, bar none. Seriously. I realize that if you are high risk or don’t have a partner on board this may not be an option for you. But really, just research it. Think about it. The best part? After you deliver this adorable little baby, au natural, you get to shower in YOUR shower and climb into YOUR bed and let everyone else around you clean up and bring you nutritious food. All while staring at this amazing life you create.

Another thing to think about is, DO I WANT A DOULA?

No matter where or how you deliver, a doula can be an amazing resource. She is trained and experienced in comfort measures, support and communicating your needs to those around you. Even if you think your partner is an amazing support and totally confident, you never know how they will behave as they are watching you in discomfort. Sometimes they need support too!!

Here are a few links for midwives/doulas/birth centers:

My current group of midwives whom I love – Mother to Mother Midwifery

In case you are delivering in Las Vegas, this was my midwife there – Baby’s 1st Day

Birth Centers in San Diego (I have never delivered at any of these, so this isn’t a recommendation as much as information):
Best Start Birth Center
Birth Roots
UCSD Hillcrest also has an in-hospital birth center.

And just in case you are reading from Philadelphia, my lovely doula with my second son, now lives and practices there. She is such an amazing woman and a wonderful doula – Expecting Bliss.

I hope this is helpful! If you have any questions, please let me know. Also, please know that I am always coming from a natural birth perspective. I fully believe in birth as a natural process that shouldn’t be hospitalized or treated like disease. That being said, I do not judge anyone who chooses a hospital birth and I fully realize everyone has a different path and different reasons for what they choose. After all, we are all trying to do what is right for our families, yes?

I’ll be back in a couple days with a couple things to think about AFTER you get pregnant. Happy baby making!

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